Saturday, 2 April 2016

My Gate Journey

Hi Friends,

I Have taken short term gate coaching  in my final year btech just before the gate exam for attending 2014 gate.But at that time i didn't have enough days to prepare after the coaching . so i have read the coaching notes and practiced what ever they taught in the class.With that preparation i was able to get 2466 rank in gate 2014.

Then What i thought is This rank was not good enough to get the seat in any IIT or any Top NIT and i didn't want to join any Software company   which gave salary at max 4 lacks per annum. Then i decided to prepare gate again for GATE 2015. what i thought at that time is if i sit and prepare alone, i can't get focus and i can't give my best to get Good I joined for Long Term Gate coaching.

This time, i had 8 moths to prepare during coaching.but what happend is i prepared well during first 2 months then after i felt that i know every concept and there is no need for study now. i didn't practise daily and i didn't given test series also . due to that i wasn't able to score good rank in GATE 2015.

I got 962 rank in GATE 2015.Now, what i thought is already i have wasted lot of money on short term coaching and long term coaching and i wasted one year.  i dreamed to join mtech in iit but with that rank i won't get any iit direct admission.But i had only one chance to get mtech admission in iit,i.e iitkanpur. it has called for written test.I cleared the written test and next round is interview.
i was not able to clear the interview.

I thought that i had the chance to join iit ,not mtech , but MS , IIT Madras MS and IISc Banglore MS.  So i attended both IIT Madras MS and IISc MS.
I selected in MS in IITMadras. i cleard both written test and interview in IISc but due to less availabilty of seats , i didn't get admission offer from IISC.

Why I have joined in MS is merely because of IIT brand. and I didn't had interest of doing research.but i thought i could able to complete the MS. but after 2 months of joining , i felt that i may not able to finish the MS  within 3 years, so I applied for GATE 2016. this time, after one semester of MS, i started preparation for GATE .

What i prepared for GATE 2016

 i have taken previous years GATE question papers and i have solved those question two to three times. every day around 4 to 5 hours i solved those questions.

why i choosed to do only previous year questions is i have already prepared for long term and i know all basic concepts of all if i solve the questions ,then at a time i can revise the concepts and i can solve the questions.

in Gate 2015 i have not given gate test series practice,this is also one of the reasons why i havenot got good rank in 2015.if we give test series , you will able to know how to manage the 3 hours time to solve those 65 questions.

I am poor in english grammar, in these three years i never attempted english questions.

in 2015, due to lack of time management , i wasnot able to solve aptitude questions, due to that i lost 4 marks.

in 2016 , i have solve aptitude questions but i didn't get any marks,but i got good marks in technical questions,i am good at technical subjects and  i have choosen my strong areas, and solved those questions first.

while solving the questions, if i take more the 3 minutes, i skipped the question and solved that question in the end, this trick help me alot in the exam.otherwise, i could i have struck at one question and i lost my time.

To get good marks, you need to study all the subjects all topics at least once,because if you didn't read the topic and you get very easy question in  that topic,you may loose the marks and most of the persons get that marks.

I studied almost all subjects and i have basic concepts for each topic.
So, finally GATE 2016 i got 65.67 actual marks(these all marks from technical questions marks only).Because of Luck , in my set 5 marks increased ,so After Normalization my marks became 70.10. even if you don't prepare for aptitude and english you can get good marks, My GATE 2016 Rank is 96


  1. Nice Bro;;;; (Your Gujarat frnd ;::Rajesh+ChitaRanjan)

  2. Nice Bro;;;; (Your Gujarat frnd ;::Rajesh+ChitaRanjan)

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